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Fahad mustafa shares pictures with his family

Sana Fahad, wife of Fahad Mustafa, a well-known actor in the film and TV industry, shared an 11-year-old photo of her husband.

Sharing this golden memory of the past with the fans, Sana Fahad wrote, “Today is 11 years ago.
Fahd Mustafa’s fans are shocked to see this picture because he looks less handsome in this picture than today.

It should be noted that Fahad Mustafa was married to Sana in 2005, the couple’s two children Fatima. And Moses.

An old photo of actor and host Fahad Mustafa and his wife Sana is going viral on social media. Fahad Mustafa’s wife Sana Fahad has shared an 11-year-old photo of herself and her husband on her Instagram.

A post shared by Sana Fahad (ana sana.fahd) In the caption of the photo shared yesterday, Sana said that it was taken 11 years ago today. She was married to and has two children.

Fahad and Sana are a successful married couple. They always seem to smile at each other. You have often seen Sana on the seat of Jaito Pakistan. She is a simple and gentle man, whom her husband Fahad loves very much. Check out these interesting and romantic clicks from Fahad and his wife.



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