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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Failed Marriages Of Top Celebrities

Getting married and maintaining it are both difficult tasks and then if one does not understand and the other does not build a house, then it is difficult to make a living. If there is no shortage of money then maybe a change of love or mood plays a negative role.

1-Tina Dabi and Athar:
Famous Indian politicians Tina Dabi and Athar, who got married in 2018, recently divorced and now they are parting ways, while the two have always lived together so much that no one seems to care. In a few years, love will end in divorce. Athar says: “Success in marriage requires more than love. If the feeling dies, the divorce will happen automatically.

2-Imran and Reham:
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan married Reham Khan before he became Prime Minister, but their marriage came to an end a few months later, after which they remarried, but Reham is not currently married.

3-Noman Javed:
Singer Noman Javed also had two marriages and both failed, but he is also one of the powerful men who respect the dignity of women. He did not hold his first or second wives responsible after divorce. Noman says: “I pray that both of them will be happy, wherever they are. In my opinion, it is wrong for a woman to be held responsible after a divorce.” It should be noted that his first marriage was to singer Fareeha Pervez while his second marriage was to actress Janan Malik.

4-Diana and Prince Charles:
People still remember the wedding of Diana and Prince Charles, their wedding cake is still safe today. The two parted ways despite being married for several years because Diana liked Pakistani doctors, not Charles.



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