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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Faizan Shiekh And Maham Amir Receive New Guest

Leading actor of showbiz industry actor Faizan Sheikh and his wife Maham Amir have given birth to a baby girl.

Both Faizan Sheikh and Maham Amir are overjoyed at the birth of their daughter.

Actor Faizan Sheikh has brought good news to the fans by sharing a beautiful photo on his Instagram account on the joy of his daughter’s arrival.

The actor shared a heart touching photo on Instagram in which his young daughter is holding her father and mother’s finger.

Expressing happiness in the caption of the photo, Faizan Sheikh wrote, “First we went to two hospitals and now Mashaallah has become three,” he added, “Alhamdulillah, God has blessed us with a daughter.”

Actress Sara Khan has also congratulated Faizan Sheikh and Mahim Aamir on becoming parents for the first time.

Leading actor and host of Pakistan Showbiz Industry Faizan Sheikh and his wife and actress Maham Amir are expected to receive a little guest at home.

Faizan Sheikh took to the social media site Instagram to share the good news with his fans, where he shared some photos with his wife on his account.

The actor wrote in the caption of his post, “We have always shared and discussed our work, achievements, problems and almost everything with our family, friends and fans.”

“We are very happy to announce here that we will be reunited soon,” he said.

Addressing the fans, Faizan Sheikh said, “Glad tidings add to the happiness and as always, we look forward to your unconditional love, cooperation and most of all your precious and countless prayers for our future.” For a new family member.

The actor added, “Our little guest is coming very soon at home.”



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