Sunday, December 24, 2023

Families or Pakistani players enjoying in Dubai after victory

India vs Pak T20 world cup is just trending right now and setting fire on the social media platforms.Yes,we are talking about the match that was held on 24th oct between Ind and Pak,its just like the el classico of cricket in which two rivals come face to face.

Pakistani People must be happy to see their team win with such an easy lead.India was 151 by 7 wickets and Pakistan easily won it by not even letting their one wicket go down.
As usual when any team India or Pakistan do not win,it is the fame time for memers,everything become a race for them they just make millions of memes on the losing team,but the official players seemed friendly with each other as it can be seen in the pic of Virat Kholi shaking hand with Rizwan and Babar Azam.

No any team can beat the excitement that people feel when there is a match between Pak And Ind.

Yesterday Dubai Stadium was full of fire and thrill,it was just like an historical event.Pakistani team is present their accompanying their families.Every single person in the team is seen to be enjoying with their family in Dubai.

Yesterday was an unforgettable match of the history,or you can even say it a event.Pakistani people were glad to see their team win the T20 world cup for the first time in the history.India kept theirselves in the lead for past 11 years.It was the 12th year when Pakistani broke India’s lead with such an easy win.

The El Classico of cricket has always been fun and excitement packed thing,both countries feel the same passion for their team,Actor Akshay Kumar was also spotted in the stadium supporting his team India in the T20.

Pakistan fielding was just mind-blowing and their dedication towards the game is just Amazing.

What about you guys?ha?Who did you support in yesterday match and what are your views on both of the teams.We always read your comments and dont forget to tune in the comments.



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