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Famous Bollywood Star Puneet Kumar Died Due To Heart Attack

Leading Indian actor Puneet Kumar has died of a heart attack at the age of 46.

According to Indian media reports, Canadian actor Puneet Rajkumar was admitted to Vikram Hospital in the city due to a heart attack while exercising this morning. Karnataka Chief Minister Beswaraj S Bomai also rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Puneet Rajkumar’s elder brother Shiv Raj Kumar and his family were present at the hospital at the time.

It is to be noted that the death of Puneet Rajkumar has dealt a severe blow to the southern film industry of India. The actor was recently seen promoting his brother’s new film Bajrangi 2 and he also tweeted for the success of the film. ۔

The prince was last seen shooting for Yava Rathna and had recently completed a film called James. Apart from acting, Puneet Rajkumar also used to do gluing.

According to Indian media reports, Puneet Rajkumar has been in the Canadian film industry for the past 20 years and has acted in hundreds of successful films and has a large following.

According to reports, Puneet Rajkumar was the son of the late Dr. Raj Kumar who gave a name and recognition to the Canadian film industry.

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