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Famous Pakistan showbiz actress sarah khan pregnancy story

Sarah Khan also known as Sarah Falak is a Pakistani actress and model best known for her role in Sabaat as mira.Sarah Falak is a showbiz star who appears in urdu television dramas and series.

Singer and actor Falak Shabbir is the fiance of Sarah Khan,they got engaged on 16 july 2020 and only after two days of engagement they both tied the knot on 18 july 2020.

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir are the most loved and famous couple in the Pakistani drama industry,they both are running a healthy relationship.

Sarah and Falak shabbir had a daughter on 10 october 2021 and They both officially shared the pic of their daughter on their instagram handle.May Allah grant her daughter success and health.

Recently Falak Shabbir shared some videos in which Sarah was admitted to hospital but the reason was not cleared by Shabir that why Sarah is admitted to the hospital.

Before having a daughter,Sarah Khan shared a pic of a pregnant woman and falak shabbir commented that this is the beauty of a relationship,and one more thing that when Sarah was pregnant Falak shabbir shared a story of Sarah Khan working in the kitchen and it got viral because some people were criticising him for making a pregnant woman work.

The main thing which made the people believe that Sarah was pregnant was her video of doing light work and wearing loose dress which made the audience think that Sarah was pregnant.

Falak Shabbir received ton of hate comments because he was making his wife work in pregnancy.



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