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Famous Showbiz Stars Who left Showbiz

This is show business۔ what shines here rules and when it shines, it doesn’t take a moment to forget ۔ Some people understand this in time and some take years to understand. Many people were lost in this world of showbiz and suddenly they realized that we can live a much better life than that, so now it is better to stay away from the industry.

1-Sadia Imam
Sadia Imam, who has been acting, modeling and then hosting showbiz for a while, also made this decision. Saadia Imam worked with almost all the great actors and there was a time when Saadia was a must in every successful drama. As time and circumstances changed, Sadia Imam barely got a show and after that she was limited to Ramadan transmission or shows. The purpose of becoming a mother in dramas was to acknowledge that your era is now over. Saadia thought it best to fill her married life with color and leave it where the full stop is.

2-Ghazal Siddiqui
Many people know the ghazal by the name of Marvi. Leaving the rise of such a successful drama and fame, ghazal, when the real purpose of life was known, then life had just begun. The child was small and needed the mother’s attention and love . Ghazal went to Canada for his child and said goodbye to the media completely . Many people thought that this decision of Ghazal was emotional but true If you ask, the importance of children was far above this world of showbiz.

3-Neelman Hassan
The unforgettable Neelman Hassan of the drama “Payman Wafa” was no less than a gift to the industry because of her perfect beauty. They were taken hand in hand and were considered a guarantee of success of every drama. But Neelman Hassan did not want this life. She wanted a loving husband and a happy home just like any other girl. As soon as he got this opportunity, he clearly said that it is better to stay away from this industry.



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