Sunday, April 21, 2024

Famous singer Fakhir’s mother passed away

Famous Pakistani singer Fakhir’s mother has passed away. In a social media post, she herself informed her fans about this and said that she has met her mother Rashida Tahira Khaliq Haqiqi but she will always be alive in our hearts. Will

“My mother was a very loving mother and grandmother,” he added. And I just pray to God to give them a high place in Paradise. Famous singer Fakhir further said that his mother will be buried on October 1 in Islamabad while her fans are standing by her in this hour of grief and are expressing their grief on this post.

Singer Fakhir was born on April 20, 1973 and graduated from Lahore Engineering University. Fakhir is a singer as well as a music director and songwriter. Initially, he was associated with the band but for some time. They later split from the band.



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