Saturday, December 23, 2023

Farhan Malhi Is Not Feeling Well

Farhan Malhi, a young actor in the Pakistani drama industry, informed the fans about his ill health, after which Indian actress Sara Khan has issued a prayer message for him.

Recently, Farhan Malhi shared a special post on his Instagram account to give an important news to his fans and friends.

Farhan Malhi said in his Instagram post that he has got an infection in his stomach due to which a lot of blood has been lost from his body and there are wounds on his body. The actor also said that ‘all this He was later rushed to a hospital where he was admitted to the emergency ward, where he learned that several members of his family had contracted the corona virus in Lahore.

Addressing his friends and fans, he said, “Your prayers are urgently needed in this difficult time.” I can’t put it into words but we desperately need your prayers. ‘The actor added,’ I have just returned to Lahore and I am praying that Allah help us and all those who are sick and helpless.

While his fans commented on this sad post of Farhan Malhi, prayers have also been offered across the border from India for the actor’s speedy recovery.

Commenting on Farhan Malhi’s post, Indian actress Sara Khan wrote, “Insha Allah! Allah Almighty will fix everything. ”It should be noted that Indian actress Sara Khan has appeared in a Pakistani drama in the past which was aired on a private TV channel.



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