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Father Of Hira Mani Are No More With Us

Leading video jockey (VJ) and actress Hira Mani’s father has passed away and was buried in Karachi.

Hira Mani’s husband, actor and host Salman Sheikh alias Mani, said in a Facebook post on September 18 that his wife’s father, Syed Farrukh Jamal, had passed away.

He said that his father-in-law’s funeral prayers would be offered on the evening of September 18 in North Nazimabad area of ​​Karachi and he would be buried.

Although Mani confirmed the death of his wife’s father, he did not specify what happened to Hira Mani’s father.

Many showbiz personalities and her fans expressed their grief over the demise of the actress’ father and also prayed for her father’s forgiveness.

Hira Mani later shared her father’s old social media post on Instagram, in which her father called death the beginning of a second life.

Sharing a screenshot of her father’s social media post, Hira Mani told the fans that she will now share her father’s words and advice with him from time to time.

In a social media post shared by him, his father described death as the beginning of a second and new life and instructed people not to hurt others and to make their new life calm and safe.

Many showbiz personalities also expressed grief over the post shared by Hira Mani and prayed for his father’s forgiveness.

Hira Mani also shared a screenshot of her father’s Facebook post in 2015 on Instagram Story, in which she instructed people to take care of others, treat others with love and morality.

In the same post, the actress’ father thanked her that all her children are caring and understand the pain of others.

The father of the actress had also written for Hira Mani in his old post and said that his daughter’s heart is more sensitive than all other children and she forgets her worries when she sees the suffering of others.

In the post, Hira Mani’s father expressed satisfaction and happiness that all his children are traveling in the right direction and he takes care of others.

It may be recalled that Hira Mani started her career with VJ, after which she married actor Mani in 2008.

After her marriage, she also hosted TV shows with her husband Mani and later started acting.

She started acting in 2010, a few years after her marriage and the birth of her first child, and has acted in about four dozen plays so far.

Hira and Mani have two sons, their first son Muzammil was born in 2009 and their second son Ibrahim was born in 2014.

Hira Mani has also been seen singing for some time after the host’s performance.

Sharing the news of her death on social media, the actress’ husband Salman Sheikh Mani wrote that it is with great sadness that it is reported that Hira’s father Syed Farrukh Jamal is no more in this world.

Yesterday, actress Hira Mani had posted a picture of her father in which she called him the best leader. He wrote that his father taught him to always pray after prayers that Allah may have mercy on our servants in our hearts.

The funeral prayers of the deceased were offered in North Nazimabad Karachi after Maghrib prayers yesterday and he was buried in the local cemetery.

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