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Gathering Of Showbiz Stars At The Marriage Ceremony Of Sultana Siddiqui Grandson

Many showbiz personalities attended the wedding of Sultana Siddiqui’s grandson and Shanid Siddiqui’s son Shah Mir Shanid. Sultana Siddiqui is the founder of “Hum Group” and a big name in the showbiz industry.

On the occasion of the wedding, all the celebrities graced the occasion with beautiful and charming costumes.

Let’s take a look at the pictures of celebrities taken at the wedding.

Dance videos of senior actress Bushra Ansari, Mahira Khan, Kabra Khan and many other showbiz personalities are circulating in a henna ceremony on Facebook’s photo sharing app Instagram.

Apparently, a large number of showbiz personalities had attended Shah Mir Shanid’s Mahindi on Friday night.

Videos of dance performances by showbiz personalities have gone viral on social media since the Mahindi ceremony.

Remember that Shah Mir Shanid is the grandson of Sultana Siddiqui, the founder and president of Hum Network Limited.

He is also a relative of Momina Dareed, who directed and produced several Pakistani dramas, including ‘Bin Roe’, ‘Yaqeen Ka Safar’ and ‘Diyar-e-Dil’.

Most of the Pakistani personalities associated with Showbiz who acted in Momina Dareed’s dramas were seen shining in the henna ceremony.

Superstar Mahira Khan and morning show host Sanam Jang also performed dance performances on the occasion.

Besides, Gohar Rashid and Kabra Khan were also seen dancing together.

At the same Mahindi event, senior Pakistani actress Bushra Ansari danced with emerging singer Azan Sami, who is very popular.

Apart from the dance performances of the actors, a selfie of the same event is also circulating on social media in which Sajjal Ali, Danish Nawaz, Ali Rehman Khan, Kabra Khan and Gohar Rashid are present.

And a selfie video was also made in which Sanam Jang, Mahira Khan and Momal Sheikh are present.

Singer Falak Shabbir was also present at the event and a photo of his performance was shared by his wife and actress Sara Khan.



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