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Ghana Ali Announced Good News For All Instagram Fans After Posting Pregnancy Photos

Actress Ghana Ali announced good news on Instagram today by posting photoshoot with husband. She left drama shooting earlier in the month and she is resting at home with her cute husband.

Actress Ghana Ali, who tied the knot this year, called her husband her ‘best friend’.
Ghana Ali has shared some beautiful photos of herself on the third day of Eid-ul-Adha on social media site Instagram in which she is accompanied by her husband.

The photos show Ghana Ali and her husband outside their home and they both look very happy. Ghana Ali shared the photos and wrote in the caption, “This is our first Eid after marriage and I thank my husband for coming into my life,” she wrote.

“My husband is an amazing life partner and my best friend,” she wrote. Umair Gulzar, a resident of Karachi, got married to a man who was already married. Ghana Ali has been facing a lot of criticism since her marriage because of her husband.

It is to be noted that Ghana Ali has shown the essence of her acting in many dramas of Pakistan so far including Sun Yara, Kis Din Mein Vyaah Hove Season 4, Not Even a Shadow Wall, Haniya, Chhoti Chhoti Baatin and other dramas including Mirage. Apart from this, Ghana Ali has also acted in some famous films of Pakistan including Rangreza, Man Jaa Na, and Kaaf Kangana.

Actress Ghana Ali, who recently tied the knot, came under fire after sharing photos of her husband.

Actress Ghana Ali shared various photos of her marriage on Instagram Story. After the photos came to light, a series of comments started from social media users.

Social media users sometimes called her husband uncle or someone asked the actress if she had found someone to marry.

Ghana Ali also reacted to the criticism of a user in which she said that I request you to say anything to me but not to say anything about my husband.

Later, pictures of Ghana Ali’s husband’s alleged first wife and child also went viral on the internet.

Facebook user Syed Obaid Ali Shah shared a photo and claimed that it was a photo of Ghana Ali’s first husband and their child.

He said, “It is really amazing to see what the richest men in our society are capable of. The so-called millionaire of Karachi, Mr. Umair can be seen in the picture with his wife and son and the affair started with actress Ghana Ali. How his wife’s life was ruined in just 2 months.

According to a viral post on social media, Ghana Ali’s husband was first married five years ago and has a son.

However, no confirmation has been received from the actress or her husband so far.



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