Sunday, December 24, 2023

Ghana Ali Quit Drama Serial Beenam Shooting And Resting At Home

Ghana Ali, who is her husband’s lovely wife, suddenly stopped shooting for the drama serial “Beenaam” and went home. Some sources have revealed that she is pregnant and doctors advised her to rest at home. He is very happy with the news and he is taking great care of his lovely wife.

Whenever showbiz industry celebrities upload a photo or video of themselves to their social media accounts, where their fans like it, there are some who start trolling.

From clothes and make-up to her appearance, there are various comments that she sometimes ignores and sometimes she seems to respond to this trolling herself.

Actress Ghana Ali, who has recently tied the knot, is facing a similar behavior these days.
When Ghana shared her wedding photos with her husband on her Instagram account, there were fewer people congratulating her and more negative comments due to her husband’s size, but she still shared her photos with her husband. Lives and is often seen giving ‘shut up calls’ to trolls.

Talking to Urdu News, actress Ghana Ali said, “I don’t care what people are saying. At first I was sad but then I stopped thinking about what people were saying.” Where I think my husband is being targeted too much because of his appearance, I will definitely answer the rest.

Asked if her husbands are bothered by social media trolling, Ghani said, “My husband is two hands ahead of me. He doesn’t care who is saying what.” The truth is, they don’t even read what people are writing about them. ”
Ghana Ali thinks, “What is someone saying or not? If we take it to heart, then no one will survive.” If you want to make your life sad by listening to people, you will definitely be weak.

“My husband and I have been friends for a long time, just got married with the family and I am very happy because my husband is very supportive,” she said.

“I know how to cook and I have a keen interest in interior designing,” he said. When I decorated my house, my husband was surprised that I was so interested in interior designing.

Asked which roles she would like to play, Ghana said, “I reject roles that do not have acting margins and accept roles that have acting margins.” The character is not small, it is the actor’s art to make his character stand out on the screen.

Ghana Ali’s film “Gawah Rahna” is ready for release and he is hopeful for its success. Ghana added, “I am finishing shooting for pending dramas these days and after that I will not work for a year but will focus on my home life.”



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