Sunday, December 24, 2023

Ghana ali shares her baby bump for the first time

Actress Ghana Ali, who tied the knot in May this year, is expected to receive a young guest.

The actress informed the fans about this in the posts shared on social media accounts.

Sharing a photo with her husband Umair in her post, Ghana Ali said, “We are very happy to announce this.”

He said, “Alhamdulillah, we are thankful to Allah for bestowing this happiness on us. We are looking forward to the new increase in our lives.”

“Please remember us in your prayers,” Ghana Ali said.

Ghana Ali had told fans through social media posts on May 16 that she had tied the knot, but soon after the announcement of the marriage, the actress was accused of being too old and already married and She married the father of one child because of money.

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Ghana Ali started acting a few years ago. After appearing in commercials, Ghana Ali started acting in dramas in 2015 and he gave successful dramas at the beginning of his career.

Ghana Ali, who has shown the essence of acting in dramas like ‘Ishqawe, Sang Dal, Shaya Diwar Nahi, Shameless, Emotional, Extreme and Brutal’
He started his film career in 2017 with Rangreza.



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