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Hania Amir Kissing Video Went Viral On Social Media

Haniya Aamir is considered one of the youngest and most beautiful actresses in the Pakistani drama industry.

A video of Haniya Aamir, who started her career with a supporting role in a Pakistani feature film, is going viral, in which she can be seen doing nasty things with her friend.

In fact, Haniya is seen licking her friend’s face in the video, while her friend looks very upset by this move.

After licking the face of the woman in the video, Haniya said how salty it is, to which her friend said it tasted like face cream.

In the video compilation, Haniya is seen harassing her friend with various excuses.

In one scene, he tried to hit a woman with his feet on the sofa, but she screamed and yelled at Amy and complained that Haniya had climbed onto the sofa with her shoes on.

It may be recalled that Haniya Aamir recently celebrated her 25th birthday, the videos of which also went viral on social media.

In the video, Haniya Aamir was seen cutting her birthday cake during a party.

According to the details, the leading actress of Pakistan Drama Industry Haniya Aamir is often active on social media and keeps her fans informed about her activities by sharing her videos and photos. The actress has shared a new video of herself on social media which can be seen. Haniya Aamir is dancing to a song with her friend.

The actress shared this video a few hours ago which has been watched by millions of users and they are also commenting on it. Haniya Aamir wrote a caption with the photo saying,

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Haniya Aamir had recently held a question and answer session with her fans on Insta Story in which she was asked by her fans why she is not as active on Instagram as before. Haniya wrote in reply to her fans that “I don’t want to feel like before again. There have been a lot of fights on social media.

The actress wrote, “You have to pay the price for expressing your opinion on social media and that price is your peace of mind, rumors, selfish comments and demeaning each other on the internet, they all start to suffer Was done.

The actress said, “If we talk about it honestly, they have lost faith in humanity, so they needed a little time to get out of it all.” I don’t want to share anything about life, now I’m at peace.

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