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Haniya Amir Dashing Clicks With Her Younger Sister

Actress Haniya Amir Also has a sister which is also cute like her sister. You can see both sisters in on photo. She had made showbiz debut but not got success like her elder sister. But she is too much young and have time to satisfy the demands of viewers.

Actress Haniya Aamir responded to her critics with love after a short video of her went viral on social media recently, saying that she wants people to remember her as a girl who spreads smiles.

Haniya Aamir shared a photo of herself smiling on Instagram on June 5 without mentioning the ‘viral video’ and wrote that she shares the little things of her life on social media that some people like very much and some Criticizes them.

The actress clarified that she shares some things of her personal life on social media so that people who follow and like her can know about her and keep in touch with her followers۔

Haniya Aamir further wrote that she is present on social media to spread smiles and happiness and she wants people to remember her as a girl who goes home in hearts.

According to the actress, she shares personal life stories for her fans.

In her post, she wrote to critics not to worry, because they are not posting emotionally, but for those who prefer love.

At the same time, he advised all people to enjoy life by spreading love and happiness.

Haniya Aamir made the post at a time when her name was trending on Twitter on the night between June 4 and 5.

Her name came into trend when a short video of him went viral on social media, in which he was seen joking with his 16-year-old brother and singer Asher Wajahat.

In the video, Haniya Aamir was seen very close with singer Asher Wajahat, while her brother can also be seen in the video.

The video suggests that he apparently made the video to entertain fans, but after the video went viral, people criticized him and called his style hot and bold.



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