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Hareem Farooqi Gorgeous In Maroon Dress During Shoot In Hotel Crown Plaza

News of the engagement of Hareem Farooq, a well-known actress of Pakistan film and TV industry, started circulating. A video clip of an interview of Hareem Farooq, which she gave to host Ahsan Khan, is going viral on social media site Instagram. People think she had engagement party in Hotel Crown Plaza. Hareem said she is a good cricket and she can bowl fast deliveries at rapid pace.

Hareem Farooq along with singer and actor Gohar Mumtaz participated in Ahsan Khan’s show which is aired on a private TV channel. Talking during the show, the host Ahsan Khan asked the actress, “Are you engaged?” ? To which Hareem Farooq expressed surprise and asked in a questioning manner, “Who said this?” Ahsan Khan said, “There were reports that Hareem Farooq has got engaged.”

Hareem Farooq said, “Yes! I also got a lot of phone calls asking if you were engaged. ‘The actress said,’ People were asking me if you haven’t been on screen for a long time, so did you get married Is it? ‘He added:’ I was shocked to hear this news and I told everyone that I was neither engaged nor married. ‘

It should be noted that Hareem Farooq has appeared in the film world including Pakistan drama industry but she has not been seen on the screen for some time now.

Leading Pakistani actress Hareem Farooq, who has been missing from the screen for a long time, has given a reason for her distance from the showbiz industry.

Actress Hareem Farooq recently appeared as a guest on a private TV channel show where she Responding to a question from host Ahsan Khan, she said, “Her mother is not feeling well and she is not able to concentrate on work yet.” She said, “Her mother was not feeling well.” If she has to choose between her job and her parents, it is clear that she will sacrifice her life for her parents.

“Taking a break from work is not such a big deal,” she added. “Her mother is fine and she is back at work. “She can’t compromise on giving time to her family and she knows that after that the work will come to her which she has and she is grateful for that,” he added.



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