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Hassam Ahmad And Shumaila Separated Their Path

Life does not go by without love and friendship and then when a friend is loved then the process of making claims and promises to stay together for the rest of one’s life begins.

Thus friendship turns into a bond of marriage. It passes, sometimes bitter and sometimes sweet memories are connected. We also work together, we also go through difficulties, we have to live together in destiny, we go through difficulties, but when destiny does not go hand in hand, the paths diverge.

The same thing has happened with the well-known YouTuber and influencer Hassam Ahmad Awan. He was married to Shumaila. They lived together for 10 years. They also have a 6-year-old daughter, Hasna bint Hussam. But 10 years later, the two separated.

A few months ago, Shumaila also removed Hassam’s name from her Instagram account, but did not remove her name from YouTube, which people were worried about but no one noticed, but now both have openly posted their Instagram posts. And the stories make it clear that the two have parted ways.

Hassam has said something like this in the caption of his Instagram stories and post: Why didn’t you remove me from YouTube? When I got fame, he left me alone. He also indirectly said that his wife left me for money, I am on a journey to live a new life for my daughter, it takes time to heal my wounds.

But I have learned a lot from life. When people stop being thankful for the blessings of Allah, then their destruction begins. ”

Thousands of fans are commenting on Hassam’s post in his favor, while Shumaila has also posted something in which she writes poetry saying:

“There are good things in life, but I don’t understand why people fight wars, sow the seeds of hatred, why humans dislike each other, while birds don’t do that at all. Let’s take it out. ”

Commenting on Shumaila’s recent post, a pro-Hussam fan writes:

What a duplicitous woman she is. She did not wear hijab for the sake of Islam but for the sake of money. Make it, make money. Now that her business is gone, she has forgotten the hijab, she has forgotten Islam, at least she can think of her daughter. Hussam even left his parents because of this girl but the same girl left him. ”

On the other hand, Shumaila’s pro-fans write: “Hussam bhai is as noble as he looks, he is not, whatever he is, people have their own personal life, how is he telling his wife’s words to people on social media and his Is humiliating this woman through, one user even said that if my husband is like this then i will never tolerate him because then his intention will be that he will never respect me Now, where has Hussam’s Islam gone that teaches him to respect and so on and so forth. ”



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