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Hassan Nisar Two Marriage Story

I had two marriages, the first one was forbidden by friends, but still .Learn information about Hassan Nisar and his family that very few people know

By the way, there are some personalities who keep changing themselves with the passage of time, whether it is technology or something else, celebrities keep themselves updated.

In this news on our web, we will tell you about the well-known analyst Hassan Nisar, who still writes columns in the same way as he did in the past, but also appears on TV.

Born on July 5, 1951, Hassan Nisar is one of Pakistan’s leading writers today. Hassan Nisar has sisters and a brother. Hassan Nisar did FA from Faisalabad while BA did it from Punjab University.

Hassan Nisar says that his father wanted him to work as a civil servant, but he was interested in becoming a film writer. I did my MA in Economics at the request and pressure of my parents. Although Hassan Nisar obeyed his parents under pressure, he was only interested in writing.

Describing his father, Hassan Nisar said, “My father was a tough man, which is why I did very little mischief.” While I was sent to my grandfather for my best training.

Hassan Nisar had two marriages but the first marriage failed, while he is living happily with his second wife. Hassan Nisar was first married to Saeedah Hashmi in 1972. Although Saeedah Hashmi had made him a prisoner of her own hair, the two could not get married. Hassan Nisar says that before marrying Saeeda Hashmi, I was forbidden, but I did not agree.

Let us also clarify here that it was claimed by three people that Hassan Nisar is their father, while Saeeda Hashmi is their mother. Hassan Nisar was accused of violence and discrimination by those claiming to be his son. But Hassan Nisar still has good wishes for his first wife. In an interview, he said that may Allah bless Saeeda.

After the first marriage, Hassan Nisar got married to Shazia for the second time. From the second marriage, Hassan Nisar has three children, first daughter Muhammad, then Hatim and Hashim. Hassan Nisar lives with his family in a luxurious house in Lahore. Hassan Nisar’s family consists of his children, wife and mother.



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