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He was not first love Showbiz actresses telling about first love

It is said that no one ever gets a complete place The same thing happens in marriage cases where you have decorated your dreams a lot but somewhere they are left incomplete.

There are many actresses in showbiz who had and have an ideal somewhere in their heart but some of them are waiting for it and some of them remember it even after entering a new life.

Amar Khan

Actress Amar Khan is not married yet but there is something in her heart. She wants to get someone like that in her life and she says that it is not possible to get it but the truth is that the choice is mine. She loves Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor and she wants such a husband.

Nida Yasir
Many years have passed since the marriage of actress and host Nada Yasir and she liked this marriage . but some time ago Nada revealed in one of her own shows that my choice was someone else I used to collect pictures of this person from magazines and put them in my closet. That person was Waheed Murad. Tall, chocolate and handsome. They say that Yasir is handsome but neither tall nor chocolate. So somewhere in my heart even today Waheed Murad.


Actress Janan who is also Nand of Yasira Rizvi is also married and she is also very happy but she always wanted someone in life who wears very nice clothes whose personality is a part of wearing nice clothes and shoes. … But the truth is that her husband is a kind of man and he is ready to say otherwise there is no interest in wearing good clothes.

Areeba Habib

Actress Areeba Habib says that she wanted someone in her life who would be just like my father. Who knows how to take a stand for their loved ones. Like my dad supported me when I came to showbiz and couldn’t say anything in front of his terror. I want my husband to be exactly the same. Now those who have joined his life, to see if he is like his father.

Komal Aziz

Actress Komal Aziz says that I am not a very beautician but I like a good personality, soft heart. I wish I had a husband like the Prime Minister of Canada Justin, that is, Komal thought of going straight to the Government of Canada.



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