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Hina Altaf and Agha Ali oriental honeymoon pics

It would be right to say that After Marrying Agha Ali,Hina Altaf’s fate improved.Before marrying,Hina Altaf was considered an actress on the average scale in the Pakistan Showbiz Industry.After marriage,the couple is considered one of the best in Pakistan.

Hina Altaf,now known Hina Agha is a Pakistani Television actress,presenter and host.Hina Altaf briefly hosted MTV’s teen show girls republic.

29 years old Hina Altaf wanted to see her in TV since her childhood,she worked day and night and gave every effort she could to get fame and respect she has now.She has confirmed in the interviews about this thing.It means the world to her.

Hina Altaf has a total of 6.2 million followers on her insta handle,as you can see below her Official Instagram Account,She is always active on her instagram to never miss a moment with her fans.

Hina Altaf started her youtube channel two years ago and she has reached 261 thousand subs on her youtube channels but she seems inactive on it as she has not uploaded any video from 8 months.

Most of you may not know that Sarah Khan and Agha Ali were in a healthy relationship but they two broke up with eachother,but when Sarah left Agha Ali,Hina altaf was the only one to support him in the hard time.

Agha Ali also confirmed it in an interview by saying he wanted someone to hold his hand in that difficult time and Hina stood by me.He further said that “I will never forget the kindness of my wife”
But in todays article we will see the pics of Hina Altaf and Agha ali together on a honeymoon vacation to Turkey.As can be seen in the viral pics of both that they both are wearing clean clothes.While some people also wrote taunt comments that “Sarah khan and Minal khan should take some dress sense classes from Hina Altaf”

Lets take at some other pics of both of them and dont forget to tune in In the comments section and tell us who is your fav couple from Pakistan.



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