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Hina Khan Looks Young And Fresh In Peach Dress

Hina Khan, who has acted in many music videos including Indian dramas and movies, has shared an emotional message for her mother.

Hina Khan shared some candid photos on Instagram in which she is standing with her mother on the balcony of the house.

The actress wrote the caption of the post in the form of a poem and also expressed her selfless love for her mother.

She wrote ‘Mother! Your happiness is my desire, your protection is my right, I am not a therapist mother but I promise, I will take care of you, wipe away your tears and listen to you, forever ‘.

On this post of the actress, fans are expressing good wishes for her family.

Last year, Hina Khan’s father died of a heart attack. The actress is deeply saddened by her father’s demise and occasionally shares posts in his memory on Instagram.

Hina Khan is considered as one of the top actresses in television. He started his career at a very young age. Today Hina Khan is celebrating her 34th birthday. She is one of the few stars who didn’t really want to be an actress, but luck was on her side.

Hina Khan has been in the TV world for a long time and she has made her mark thanks to her talent. Hina Khan, a difficult character and identity, not only left her image behind, but this daughter-in-law of the TV show has gradually shown her stylish avatar.

Hina Khan first wanted to be a journalist. Hina Khan had come to Delhi from Srinagar to study. She then did an MBA from Gurgaon, but later dreamed of becoming an air hostess and moved to Mumbai to complete it. In Mumbai, she joined an air hostess course, but luck was on her side.

Hina Khan arrived with her friends on the set of “What is this relationship called?” She was not serious about acting, but she was selected in the audition. He was selected for the lead role. She then became part of the longest running television serial, “What is this relationship called?” And never looked back.

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