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Hira Khan Shared The Message Conversation With Famous Tv Director

Model and actress Hira Khan has claimed that a well-known director demanded an inappropriate ‘audition’ from her without telling her the story of the play and her role.

Hira Khan shared a screenshot of the alleged messaging chat with the well-known director on Instagram and said that the director was contacted by a senior actress.

Hira Khan shared several screenshots on Instagram and wrote that last night she was told by a popular actress of the past that she had asked a well-known director to hire a model.

The model wrote that when she contacted the director, she talked to him on the phone for 20 minutes but did not understand what he was trying to say, because the director had asked her about it in a private place. I kept demanding dance and cat walks.

According to Hira Khan, she was surprised by the director’s demand for dance and catwalk, as he was a good director and did not expect this from her.

The model claimed that the director had assured her that her dance and catwalk ‘audition’ videos would not be shown to anyone, only to the producer and casting team.

Hira Khan added that after talking to the director on the phone, he chatted with him in a text message as evidence so that he could show the world some evidence.

The model wrote that such things are not generally believed and it was also true that she did not have any evidence that the director had made unreasonable demands on her, so she had a text message chat with the director.

The model also shared a screenshot of the chat with the director in the alleged messaging, which shows that the director has demanded an inappropriate ‘audition’ from the model.

According to the alleged messaging chat, the model is telling the director that she demanded an ‘audition’ on the phone in questionable attire which she is not ready to fulfill.

In the screenshot of the messaging chat, it can be read that Hira Khan is telling the director that you have privately demanded an ‘audition’ on the phone in a short dress and now you are talking about something else.

In the screen shots shared by the actress, it can be read that the directors are asking her for a normal ‘audition’ and at the same time saying that if the models do not want to ‘audition’ in a normal way, then they Will

The phone number is also clearly visible in the screenshot of the messaging chat that Hira Khan shared, however, the name of any director is not clear in this alleged chat and the model did not name any director.

Singer and model Omar Shehzad, along with model and actress Zoya Nasir, also expressed sympathy with Hira Khan after the post was shared demanding an inappropriate ‘audition’ and expressed regret over the incident. ۔

Apart from the two personalities, other people also commented on Hira Khan’s post and expressed sympathy with him.

In his post, Hira Khan did not name the director or the actress who asked the director to hire a model.



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