Sunday, December 24, 2023

How Foreigners Wives Of Pakistan Showbiz Stars Support In Today Semifinal Match

The match between Pakistan and Australia is important in many ways, but in this hot atmosphere of the World Cup, the wives of Pakistani players are not far behind. Our has brought a similar news in which we will tell you how foreign sisters-in-law are supporting Pakistan.

Shanira Akram:

Shanira Akram from Australia is hesitant these days. Because today is the match between Australia and Pakistan and Pakistani sister-in-law is supporting both the teams. Shaneera Akram tweeted that she wants Pakistan to win this match. I want Pakistan to win because the people here love cricket.

Sania Mirza:

Shoaib Malik’s wife and Indian tennis star Sania Mirza also supports her husband’s team. Sania is in the stadium to support the team. While Shoaib watches Malik’s batting regularly. In the last match, when Shoaib scored 54 off 18 balls, Sania Mirza stood up and paid tribute to Shoaib Malik, who received regular media attention. Sania and Shoaib’s son are also present in the stadium.

Samia Arzoo

Pakistani player and bowler Hassan Ali Although a famous name in the Champions Trophy 2017, Hassan Ali is awakening his magic in this event but less than Shaheen Afridi. Samia Arzoo Hassan is Ali’s wife but she is from India.

She is seen supporting her husband at all times. Samia is present in the stadium for many matches and is seen supporting her husband. Samia’s daughter is seen giving a hug to her husband. While Samia has a very good friendship with Sania and Muhammad Hafeez’s wife.



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