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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

How Pakistani Drama Celebrity Anushy Abbasi Lost Her Weight

In an interview, Anusha Abbasi, sister of Pakistan Showbiz Industry’s well-known actress and famous actress Jawariya Abbasi, explained how she lost weight.

According to media reports, actress Anusha Abbasi revealed in an interview that when she first appeared in dramas and when she met someone, everyone told her that you look very fat on screen while in appearance you are slim.

Anusha Abbasi said that I started working at an early age, my first drama was aired on PTV at the age of 16 in which I worked as a child artist. At that time I used to spend all the money I got on food and drink.

“When I did my first film ‘Actor in Law’ and after that when I saw myself on the big screen, I didn’t like it. That was the moment when I decided to start dieting from now on,” she said. I will do and lose weight۔

Anusha Abbasi said she preferred to have a healthy drink instead of something for breakfast, used boiled vegetables for lunch and also yogurt. “I like to eat healthy foods,” he said.

At the end of his interview, he added that now whenever I post a picture of myself on social media, everyone has the same question, how did you lose weight? Share your journey with us, etc.



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