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How the Reena Roy found love in Pakistan crickter Mohsin Khan

Reena Roy might have chosen not to speak about Shatrughan Sinha and the relationship between them, but Shotgun Sinha never tried to hide it.

The actor was always vocal about his relationship not just with Reena Roy but other actresses too. Poonam Sinha too was aware of their relationship and had spoken about how she chose to give Shatrughan a ‘clear field’.

How it started?
It was hard for the actresses working with Shatrughan Sinha to resist the rugged man and his magnetic personality and Reena Roy was no different. While the nation loved their onscreen pair, the actress also wanted this to turn into an offscreen one. The fact that Shatru was eleven years older to her didn’t bother her either. Sinha too was besotted by Reena’s beauty and acting skills. The duo kept churning out hits-after-hits and the bond between them grew stronger.

The love triangle
While Reena was falling more and more in love with Shatrughan, she was oblivious to the fact that he had not only fallen for Poonam Sinha but also tied-the-knot with her. It was a love triangle of sorts where Shatrughan was unable to decide whether to be with Poonam or Reena Roy even after his marriage. However, Shatrughan chose to keep his relationship with Reena intact even after marriage and Poonam also chose to wait and see if he comes back to her. Ultimately, he did, leaving Reena, who was still hoping for marriage, heart-broken.

Marriage with Mohsin Khan
It was then that a sulking Reena Roy found love in the arms of Pakistani crickter Mohsin Khan. The duo soon fell-in-love and got married. The couple got married in Pakistan but kept shuttling between Mumbai and London. The actress even gave birth to a baby girl and named her Jannat. However, the marriage didn’t work for too long and the couple decided to part ways.

Reena had revealed that she wasn’t able to cope up with Mohsin Khan and his lavish lifestyle. She also found it difficult to keep moving. Her mother had asked her to ‘nibha le’, the actress had said, otherwise she would have left him long back.



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