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I am Not Gonna More Marry Afghanistan Cricketer Anymore Says Arshi Khan

Indian actress Arshi Khan has hinted at not marrying an Afghan cricketer due to the rapidly changing situation in Afghanistan.

The actress said in a recent interview that given the current situation in Afghanistan, she does not think her family will be in favor of continuing the relationship.

Indian actress Arshi Khan hinted at not marrying an Afghan cricketer for fear of the current situation there, saying that her family would not continue the relationship.

Indian actress Arshi Khan, who rose to fame with India’s most controversial TV show ‘Bigg Boss’, has been making headlines since the changing situation in Afghanistan due to her recent videos in which she revealed That he is not from Pakistan but from Afghanistan and his father migrated from Afghanistan to India and now we are Indians.

“My father got me engaged to the son of a friend of mine who is a player of Afghanistan cricket team and this relationship took place with the consent of the family. However, after the engagement, we have become friends and our conversation,” she said in an interview. However, this relationship will no longer exist.

Arshi Khan said that after the takeover of the Taliban in Afghanistan, I do not think that my family will continue this relationship, they will now find a relationship for me in India.

Actress Arshi Khan’s web series titled ‘The Devil Inside’ has also been released last week in which the actress has played the lead role. She has also acted in a Tamil film and several drama serials and music videos. I have also appeared.

She said that the relationship was arranged by the family members but after the engagement we also became good friends.

Arshi Khan said that after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the relationship would no longer be possible and the family would soon find a new relationship in India.



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