Saturday, April 13, 2024

I Am Not Involved In “Nikah” With Atiqur Rehman Says Meera

Filmstar Meera is a well known Pakistani artist but one of the reasons for her fame is to be surrounded by controversy – one of the controversies is her marriage to the famous businessman Atiqur Rehman – I claim that someone like that The marriage did not take place but now the case is in the court.

According to the court, solid evidence has been provided by Atiq-ur-Rehman to prove the reality of the marriage.

My fake marriage case was heard in the court yesterday. The actress started crying and screaming to prove her innocence during the hearing and said, “Atiq-ur-Rehman has presented false evidence in the court.” The video of the marriage is actually a clip of their movie “- on which the court ordered me to stop screaming and at the same time ordered Atiq-ur-Rehman to appear in court.

Recently Meera she got marriage invitation from Bollywood superstar Imran Hashmi but she rejected his offer.

Meera further said that they are not in any marriage while Atiq-ur-Rehman has been dragging them into a false marriage for ten years.



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