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I didn’t find my ideal. The Lollywood actresses who lived without marriage

The search for an ideal sometimes leaves a person alone There are some actresses in Lollywood who have lost their age . they started to be counted in the list of old age but they could not find a place for their life partner.


Actress Gauri came into the industry in the eighties .Hussain and Khobro are the younger sisters of Anjuman. Gauri may not be as successful as her sister, but her beauty began to be talked about everywhere … she began to be counted among the most beautiful actresses in Punjabi films . There was a line of relationships for them but no one liked Gauri’s eyes. Gauri is still a virgin and has seen many springs of age . She says that I have not found my ideal.


Actress Sapna is one of the most beautiful faces in Lollywood. She was one of those faces in the industry who was considered both beautiful and graceful. They worked for a while and suddenly said goodbye to Lollywood’s life and separated. She brought herself closer to religion and began to cover herself regularly. Even in this part of her life, she did not get married and now earns her living by doing property work. She is living a secret life in Lahore.


When Nirma stepped into Lollywood, she immediately made a place with her style and beauty. She soon began to climb the ladder of success . Nirma, who spent her earnings on her brothers and mother, did not get married … but then her decline began . she stopped getting work . and her brother took possession of everything and took her home. Fired from She is living a very difficult life and there is no question of marriage in this life.



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