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I was not against marrige I was little bit hesitate

By the way, almost every statement made by Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai becomes a topic of discussion in Pakistan but four days ago when she posted the news of her marriage to Asr Malik on social networking site Twitter like There was a commotion.

And as criticism, opinions and comments become the mainstay of every case, the same thing happened with their marriage, which they called the “most precious day of their lives.”

The main point of criticism was her June 2021 interview with British fashion magazine Vogue, in which she expressed some hesitation when asked about her marriage, saying, “I no longer understand that people Why do you get married If you want a life partner, why do you have to sign a marriage certificate?

In the background of this same interview, social media users in Pakistan criticized him and were seen comparing his old statement and then the news of marriage.

However, to respond to such seemingly harsh criticism, Malala once again opted for the British fashion magazine Vogue and wrote a detailed article on marriage in the same magazine.

In this article, she also explained how she met Asr Malik and where her wedding dress and jewelery came from.

User Amna Lodhi wrote, “Take this, oppressors … (Malala) wrote an article on Vogue. Many of us talk a lot but in the end we are doing the same thing (which we are denying) because that is life. Live and Let Live.’

A user named Maria wrote: ‘Many of you were so moved by her past comments about Malala’s marriage that she (Malala’s) soul came to the point where she had to go to Vogue to explain it. I had to write an article about why they got married.

Over the years, whenever I have been asked about a relationship, I have heard myself repeating the same words unconsciously in response, this is how Malala started her Vogue article.

She wrote that this did not mean that she was against marriage, but she did have some reservations about the relationship.

Explaining these concerns, she wrote: “The expectation of compromise with women after marriage, anti-woman attitudes in different parts of the world, the profound influence of culture on laws and patriarchal roots make me question the current practice of this relationship in society.” Used to force.

“For fear of losing my freedom, humanity and femininity in this relationship, I felt it was right to be free from the hassle of marriage right now,” she writes.

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And these concerns were not unfounded because Malala wrote that according to ‘Girls Not Brides’, 12 million girls under the age of 18 get married every year, but for the majority of such girls, it is a partnership. No, there is slavery.

“In the area of ​​Pakistan where I grew up, girls are taught that marriage is an alternative to a free life,” Malala wrote in Vogue. If you are not studying, or building your career or failing exams, the solution to all these problems is to get the girl married as soon as possible.

Malala then gave some examples from her life in Pakistan of how teenage schoolgirls were married off to her, which cut off her education.

For such girls, marriage means that they can do nothing but get married in their life. She is old enough to go to school, but she knows she will never have the opportunity to make her dreams come true. ”

She explained that this is why when asked about marriage during an interview with British fashion magazine Vogue, she gave the same answer she had given before because she thought at the time that she thought maybe Marriage is not for them.

“But with education and awareness as well as empowerment, we can give new meaning to our relationships, especially marriage,” he added. Human beings are the creators of civilization and culture and they can change them if they want. As I talked about this with my own teachers and friends, as well as with my new peers, I gradually realized that I could uphold the fundamental values ​​of justice and equality, even in a marriage relationship.

Malala wrote in the article that she and Asr first met in 2018 when Asr had come to Oxford to visit her friends. ‘

According to Malala, their sense of humor became very close and they became friends.

“We had a lot in common and we enjoyed each other’s company. We stood together in many moments of joy and frustration. We shared many sorrows in the ups and downs of our lives.

In her Vogue magazine article, she wrote that her marriage took place on November 9 in a very simple way, involving only a select few.

The pair for the wedding was made by his mother and his friend from Lahore while the ornaments were given by Asr’s mother and sister.

“Before the wedding, I went with Asr to buy a pink tie and handkerchief with her suit, as well as my own sandals. Could not do it.

The food and decorations were arranged by my father while my team arranged for photography and make-up. Three of my best friends from school and Oxford took leave to attend the wedding.



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