Iffat Omar Controversial Statement On Father Role With Rahat Kazmi

A video clip of the interview given by the party went viral, in which the actors were seen confessing to having an affair with other women despite being married.

After the video clip of Noman Ijaz went viral, he was heavily criticized and at the same time Iffat Omar was also criticized for refusing to admit that he had cheated on his wife by a married man. why not?

But now that a video clip of Iffat Omar himself has gone viral, he is being sharply criticized.

It so happened that Iffat Omar had interviewed the cast of the movie ‘Heer Man Ja’ in August 2019, a video clip of which he also shared on his Instagram account, which is now being shared again on social media criticizing the actress. Is being targeted.

The short video of the actress being shared is still available on the actress’ Instagram, in which she laughs and admits that she repeatedly retook a scene during the shooting of her first drama ‘Nangy Paon’ and gave it to Rahat Kazmi.

In the viral video of Iffat Omar, she says that in ‘Bare Feet’, Saba Hameed and Rahat Kazmi played the role of their parents and they repeatedly shot a scene of the said drama.

According to Iffat Omar, Rahat Kazmi did not know about this but I was fulfilling my ‘thark’.

The said video clip of Iffat Omar was taken by him from the interview of actor Ali Rehman and Hareem Farooq on August 30, 2019.

Iffat Omar had aired the interview of both the actors in 2 episodes and he had asked the actors of ‘Heer Man Ja’ in the first episode of the interview who is their ‘Krish’ with whom he wanted to make a romantic film. Am i

Iffat Umar had asked Ali Rehman and Hareem Farooq about Krish in the eleventh minute of the first episode of the interview. Would love to do a romantic movie.

On the question of Iffat Omar, Hareem Farooq had said that her ‘crush’ is Rahat Kazmi, to which the host had laughed and said that she had done it with him.

To Iffat Omar’s question, Ali Rehman had said that he would like to work with Mahnoor Baloch, to which the host asked both of them why they are taking safe names.

At the same time in the interview, Iffat Omar asked Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman that when they shoot a romantic scene in the film, in which they have to hug each other, then something happens in their heart. ?

Hareem Farooq laughs at the same question of Iffat Omar while Ali Rehman says that it doesn’t happen but when they shoot such scenes, they get angry with each other.

The second episode of the same interview between Ali Rehman and Hareem Farooq was aired on September 1, 2019, in which they talked about their careers and private life including showbiz industry.

Iffat Omar’s confession of having a scene of repeated hugs with senior actor Rahat Kazmi, who played the role of father in the drama ‘Naked Feet’, was criticized a year later, after which The actress also shared the scene of the said drama in which she hugs Rahat Kazmi as her daughter.

Iffat Omar shared the aforesaid scene of the play on Instagram and wrote that ‘Masoom Jhapi’.

The actress was also criticized for shooting a scene from the play and was asked to admit her mistake.

After the actress confessed that she had repeatedly shot Rahat Kazmi as her first crush and hugged her, many people commented on her post saying that now Rahat Kazmi is getting her own through ‘Me Too Campaign’. The incident should be brought to light.

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