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Inspired Person From Drama Serial Khuda Or Mohabbat

Who is not familiar with Pakistan’s famous drama serial “Khuda Or Mohabbat”, this drama shows how a failed lover comes to the shrine of Hazrat Shah Shams Tabriz and becomes a neighbor.

And through them, he prays to God to unite them with His love. In fact, a young man who has come to this shrine in Multan and has failed in love has also come and sat in the same place.

Where the famous actor Feroz Khan sits at the shrine in the play. The boy’s name is Azeemullah Qureshi, he is a matriculation student and owns a cosmetics shop. He comes and sits at the shrine of Hazrat Shah Shams Tabriz every Friday and is lost in the memory of his love.

At the same time, he keeps reciting Tasbeeh and prays to Allah that the actor Farhad should be introduced to him in the same way as he was shown his love.

This failed lover says that we used to go to school together but he betrayed me and got married and left with someone else forever but I fell in love with him.

Now I will get up from this shrine only when she meets me. Not only this, the drama serial in hand goes for the picture of God and love and in it, instead of Feroz Khan, he has not put his picture and the picture of his love in it, but has left the picture of Iqra Aziz.

On the issue of this picture, he says that I left the picture of Iqra Aziz so that my love would not be infamous. When asked what message they would give to their love, they said, “We are the slaves of a fragile heart, neither by making false promises, nor by swearing falsely. How many times have I told you that I do not remember you so much?” I will die

This failed lover Azeemullah Qureshi says that I failed in love as well as in papers because I failed in some papers in matriculation and my love passed. On failed love, he says that love will be found in drama.

But in reality this task is not so easy but I am always ready to sit here waiting for it. If Fero Khan gets his love, I will get it too and if I don’t get it, I will stay here in love.



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