In today’s post, we will explore the wedding pictures of Iqra Kanwal. She’s a famous YouTuber from Pakistan with over 2.57 million subscribers! We will take you on a journey to discover some fascinating facts about Iqra Kanwal wedding, date, location, dress, and of course, her stunning wedding pictures.

Iqra Kanwal, one of the most popular YouTube stars, resides in Pakistan. She’s a young and beautiful lady and is a doctor by profession – smart and talented! Iqra has a big family, with five sisters, and she’s the eldest among them. They all create amazing content on YouTube, making their mark in the digital world.

Iqra Kanwal Wedding Pictures
Let us now discuss the most exciting part of the story – the wedding of Iqra! She tied the knot with Areeb Pervaiz on the 22nd of September 2023. The wedding took place in a beautiful setting in Nathia Gali.

But before their grand Nikkah ceremony, they had a fantastic Dholki night. It was a fun celebration with close friends and family. During the Dholki ceremony, Iqra Kanwal was spotted wearing a heavenly Lehenga choli in a contrasting pink and orange color scheme.

Moving on to the wedding attire, Iqra Kanwal looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress – a captivating combination of gold and white Lehenga with intricate mirror work and stonework. Areeb Pervaiz, the lucky groom, wore a dashing white sherwani with a shawl adorned with mirrorwork.

But wait, there’s more! See how beautiful Iqra Knawal looked in her wedding photo! Here is what you need to know!


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