Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Iqrar-ul-Hassan say sorry to all nation

After the Greater Iqbal Park incident, the famous anchor person Akbarul Hassan supported the oppressed Ayesha Ikram the most.

He laid his hands on her head and called her the daughter of the nation and tried his best to help her. Ayesha Ikram seems to be the culprit because she was planning to take Rs. 5.5 million from innocent people. He apologized to the people for supporting Ayesha. He said in his video:

Al-Hassan said in his video: “I apologize for standing with Ayesha Ikram, I called a girl a sister and put my hand on her head who only deals with those who expose themselves in public. “Even today, bad do not do that.

I still say that what happened to her was wrong, but she did even more wrong by valuing her honor.

By the Oneness of God, I did not have any stubbornness or ego in the matter, even after being hurt by the people, I supported him only because I sincerely thought that his character is Allah and his matter, but now he is a liar and a truthful person. She was going to take Rs 5 lakh from the accused, deal with them and oppress them, knowing that most of the arrested accused are poor people.

If you think that Allah has ever taken any good deed from me. Forgive me for this charity. I made a big mistake in distinguishing between the oppressor and the oppressed. ”



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