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Jaweria Saud Looks More Young And Healthy In Her Latest Photoshoot

Javeria Saud or Javeria Jalil (born 1972) is a Pakistani actress who got married to well known actor Saud. They have their own production house. One daughter Janat was born in 2007 and one son Ibrahim was born on August 5, 2011. She got fame Shurat Hai Yeh Zindagi and Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat Hai, like fame gained from dramas.

Salma Zafar, who started her artistic career in Pakistan theater industry in 1983, has appeared in many famous Pakistani dramas as an actress. However, the drama His fate changed, his performance in this drama is still remembered by the people.

Salma Zafar is a big name in Pakistan showbiz industry. But since last day, Salma Zafar has been under a lot of news. Yesterday, legendary actress Salma Zafar came live on Facebook and made big revelations about Pakistan’s famous production house JJS.

Actress Salma Zafar has leveled serious allegations against fellow actors Saud Qasmi and Jawariya Saud. According to Salma Zafar, JJS Production House was started in 2006 by Saud Qasmi and Jawariya Saud. Salma Zafar explains that JJS Production House starts the drama “I love it” and then the drama “Love is Five” and then “This Life” with which she is associated for six years.

In his video message, Salma Zafar accused actor Saud and his wife Jawariya Saud of making fun of Salma Zafar. According to him, he worked for a long time with Jawariya and Saud’s production house JJS but today he was not only disappointed and depressed but also regretted how his production house used him and ruined him as an artist.

Salma Zafar further said in her allegations that Saud Qasmi and Jawariya Saud ruined not only her but also many artists like her, while further alleging that she worked in big production houses along with big actors. The perpetrators were not spared by these people.

According to well-known actress Salma Zafar, she worked for him for a long time but nothing was given by her company JJS. Also, according to her, those small employees whose salaries were five thousand, seven thousand. They used to come and hang out in buses, they used to come, all of them including me are cursing you.

Salma Zafar further said that today Jawariya and Saud have built their luxurious house in Defense area of ​​Karachi and are living a good life but all of them have been earned in an illegal way. She said that she remained silent for ten years, waited and waited patiently but she will not remain silent anymore.

Salma Zafar, referring to the behavior of actor Saud Qasmi regarding women, said that if any actor demands his rightful and halal earnings from Saud, Saud said, “Whoever asks you for money, Saud is such a dishonorable man that if If a woman says that she has so much money, he will let her go straight to the whip and sit her down. ” Addressing the actor Saud, he said, “Saud, you are a living wage on the earnings of women. I remember Omar Sharif pulled the chain from your neck, you have no respect.”

In the end, Salma Zafar says that although she has her hands tied behind her back because she has no evidence, she knows how to fight physically and legally. Expressing surprise, Salma Zafar said that she wondered how Saud and Jawariya could fall asleep after being deceived by so many strangers.

In her video message, Salma Zafar expressed her determination to fight for her rights till the last moment in her life. She also asked all social media users to share her video as much as possible so that People saw his real face.



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