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Karachi Born Celebrity Asad Umar Memories With Family

Politician is a name that usually appears in the news in a negative way, whether it is to speak against someone or to fight in a program, politicians always look bad.

But in this news on our web we will tell you about a politician who has another brother who is a politician and both brothers belong to rival parties.

Asad Umar and Mohammad Zubair are politicians who have a fire and water relationship in their political life, but whenever these same brothers meet at home or at a family function, it does not seem that they have any political differences.

Born on September 9, 1961, Asad Omar is the youngest of his siblings. Asad Umar’s father was an army officer and hails from Rawalpindi. Due to Asad Omar’s skills and abilities, he joined the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) and in 1984 he did an MBA from IBA.

Asad Omar joined Engro in 1985, working as a business analyst at Engro. But he went abroad and then returned to Pakistan in 1997, emerging as CEO of Engro Polymers and Chemicals. In 2004, he became president of the company and expanded the company from a chemical company to one more company.

That is why today the Ingro company is also looking at the dairy and food business. Asad Umar is an active leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) who is seen defending his government and party at every opportunity. While Asad Omar is currently in charge of the Ministry of Planning and Development, he has previously served as Finance Minister.

Asad Umar has been in a position where most people want to go, but Asad Umar resigned from the post of CEO and joined Imran Khan’s convoy. He says that he has been impressed by Khan Sahib, he wants people who know governance to play their part in politics.

Talking about his first job, he says that his first job was in a bank, while my salary was Rs 3,200. Elsewhere, my salary was Rs 8,000. My salary was Rs 7 million, which is very low.

Asad Umar says that in the beginning I didn’t have anything, I was pushed in buses, at that time I borrowed 30,000 to 32,000 rupees from my mother while I had the same amount of money. I used that money to buy a Suzuki 800. While Asad Umar says that my mentor Shaukat Sahib has a big hand in the place where I am today.

The anchor asked that you used to take lakhs of rupees every month, the salary has stopped, how do you spend now? To this question, Asad Omar said, “My wife is worried about this, but Allah has given her more than she needs.” Regarding his wife, Asad Omar says that his wife takes care of the house while he is also a teacher. I have no idea of ​​the household expenses, but my livelihood is in a few thousand. While he says about one lakh rupees is spent monthly, most of which is spent on children’s education.

The children’s fee is only a thousand pounds, so the total educational expenses of the children are 27,000 pounds, which is millions of Pakistani rupees.

Regarding marriage, Asad Omar says that his wife first met him at IBA, when he was two years senior and she was junior. We met there and got married after graduation. The wife completed her MBA after marriage.

Asad Umar’s brother Khalid Umar says that whenever we meet, the situation in the country is discussed. While Bhabhi says that Asad was 10 years old when I got married, I still consider Asad as my child. Regarding Bhai Muhammad Zubair, she says that Zubair and I get along very well. We had a great time as children and I was very close to him.

Asad Umar can be seen with his brothers Muhammad Zubair, Khalid Umar, Tariq Umar and Asad Umar himself.



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