Sunday, December 24, 2023

“Khuda Or Mohabbat” After Successful Last Episode Whole Team Gather

Geo Entertainment’s popular drama serial ‘Khuda Or Mohabbat 3’ has been very popular not only in Pakistan but also in neighboring India.

The last episode of the drama serial ‘God and Love 3’ has been aired yesterday and since then the drama has been trending on social media.

On the micro-blogging site Twitter, an Indian fan tweeted, expressing happiness over the drama’s popularity in India, saying, ‘Wow, the last episode of God and Love 3 is trending at number three on the video sharing app YouTube in India.’

Fans also congratulated the entire drama team on this great achievement.

With each new episode of the drama, its popularity has not only increased, but it has also been one of the top trends on Pakistan’s Twitter Trends panel every week.

Season 3 of the drama serial ‘God and Love’ has been made under the direction of renowned producers of Seventh Sky, Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi.

The story of this play is written by Hashim Nadeem and directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain.

Geo TV’s masterpiece serial “God and Love”, which has set many invincible records of popularity in the entertainment industry, has now come to an end by collecting the countless loves of the people.

The last episode of this drama, which contains the eternal story of love and affection, will be aired on Pakistan’s number one entertainment channel “Geo TV” on Friday at 8 pm. According to the details, the drama serial “God and Love”, which has set a new record in the history of Pakistani dramas in the world of entertainment, has come to an end.

This masterpiece of Hashim Nadeem’s pen constantly enchanted the screen of “JTV”. The drama serial, which crossed many milestones of success and won the hearts of the audience, garnered not only national but also international acceptance and love.

The drama also made a splash on television and digital media. On September 3, the drama recorded TRPS 13.6 on electronic media, which is a small glimpse of the drama’s popularity.

Regarding the end of the play, the opinion of the audience was taken in the promotion of the last episode and the full participation of the fans of “God and Love” in it is a testament to the desire to see a heartwarming ending. It will all air at 8 p.m.

During the shooting, it was a very difficult task for us. The serial’s more than two billion views on digital media is a major achievement for the Geo Television Network and the entertainment industry. “God and Love” is watched by over 10 million people in 10 hours.



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