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Kitchen with amna funny dance with her husband on reception

When it comes to cooking who does not know Kitchen with Amna if he or she is living in Pakistan? Yes,Kithen with amna is a famous youtube channel in Pakistan and it is very famous for the tasty and killing recipes.
It was started by an ordinary girl Amna,who never knew that she would be so famous only by uploading recipes on youtube.

Almost every recipe is available on the channel Kitchen with Amna.People love her recipe so much even my family members also watch her recipes and they turn out very tasty.I also recommend you to once try her any recipe if you are fond of cooking.

Amna Riaz is not a professional chef or something but she is an expert in cooking who is helping lacs of people to learn cooking from all over the world.Amna Riaz was the first woman to start a cooking channel in Pakistan.
Amna Riaz and husband were also expecting a baby few months back and they also arranged a baby shower party in their house.So lets have a look on their baby shower pic also.

If we talk about the social platform of Amna Riaz,she has total of 263k (two lacs and sixty three thousands) followers on instagram and her instagram is also full of recipes and cooking videos.

Amna Riaz funny dance video with her husband at walima reception went viral on social media in which people were assuming that Amna Riaz is drunk but the reality was that she was very sleepy in her wedding and she was not drunk,you can check people’s comments below this.



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