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Komal Aziz Enjoying Time In USA

Pakistani actress Komal Aziz, who is currently on holiday in the United States, has met Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt.

Komal Aziz has shared a photo with Sanjay Dutt on his Insta Story, this photo was taken in a shopping mall in the US where he happened to meet Indian actor Sanjay Dutt.

“I happened to meet Sanjay Dutt at the mall,” he wrote while sharing the photo.

Sanjay Dutt had decided to go to the US for treatment and had obtained a US visa for 5 years on medical grounds.

Khan has responded sharply to self-criticism on social media, which has been well received by women.

Actress Komal Aziz, who showed the essence of acting in the geo-drama serial ‘Bharosa Pyar Tera’, is busy touring the country today and sharing her beautiful photos and videos with her fans through social media while enjoying the scenery.

Komal Aziz has shared beautiful photos in a blue dress in which he said that he is currently in Bodrum, Turkey. Behind Komal Aziz, the river Bodrum is also visible.

Sharing the photos, Komal Aziz wrote in the caption, “Today, her clothes and the color of the Bodrum River look the same.” There were also critical and hateful comments.

An Insta user criticized Komal Aziz’s photo and commented, “As soon as she leaves Pakistan, Haya leaves with her. I don’t understand why.”

Komal also reacted to the comment, saying, “Because she feels safe abroad, she wears whatever she wants and walks alone wherever she wants, like you (commenters).

Leading actress of showbiz industry Komal Aziz Khan says that no one in the industry has been able to impress her, she is only impressed by those who serve humanity without sharing stories on Instagram.

Actress Komal Aziz Khan held a question and answer session with her fans on Instagram in which she was asked who she is most impressed with in the industry.

Giving a long reply, the actress described the dilapidated state of the industry, saying, “I don’t understand what is inspiring about our Pakistani actors, their form, money or willingness to make more money?”

Komal Aziz admitted that he too is not above this criticism.

The actress said that she is impressed with personalities like Abdul Sattar Edhi and Adib Rizvi and all those others who create service without sharing the story on Instagram.



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