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Late Farah Jahanzeb Daughters Still Recall Mother

Pakistan’s famous chef Farah Jahanzeb is known as Farah Aniya Alam. She was very popular with both women and children, not only because of her great personality and cooking skills. Farah used to do unique cooking shows on various TV channels.

Popular chef Farah Jahanzeb passed away at the age of 45 after losing her battle with breast cancer. Her sudden disappearance took her fans by surprise because very few people knew about her cancer, which made her unable to continue her TV program.

Farah was the mother of two daughters named Paresh and Shanze. Unfortunately, her son also died at a young age. Chef Farah’s daughters have now grown up. His eldest daughter Paresh is married and the mother of a son. Farah’s youngest daughter Pirshanze is getting her education.

Take a look at recent photos of the daughters of the late Farah Jahanzeb.

Well known chef Farah Jahanzeb lost her battle with breast cancer and passed away at the age of 45. Farah Jahanzeb from Karachi moved to Lahore with her daughter for cancer treatment. After the divorce, Farah Aniya Alam, better known in the cooking industry, was very popular with both women and children due to her attractive personality and ability to cook, but also a fashion.

She had to be a designer. Her sudden absence surprised her fans because very few people knew that Farah had been stricken with cancer which made her unable to continue her shows.

A few months ago, Farah informed her of her illness through a message on her Facebook page and thanked her for her support. I am one of those people, I am suffering from the rarest type of cancer in which the drugs do not affect my body and the doctors declared it an incurable case. The only person who stood by me at that time was my respect. The teacher was Dr. Muhammad Alam, who strengthened my courage, faith, strength and faith in Allah.

Thanks to the efforts of my teacher and my mother’s prayers, I am back to life. My doctors and paramedics have taken great care of me. My team members have been very supportive of me.

Jahanzeb kept reciting Durood Pak, Paresh and my son-in-law took care of me like children and my friends kept praying for my health, I am a really lucky woman, I I am posting the pictures taken during the treatment for my fans. Farah was famous in many channels for her unique cooking shows while lunch with her on Geo TV was one of her most popular programs with Farah. Appeared in a cooking program.



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