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Latest Snaps From Sara Falak Daughter Aqiqah

Recently, pictures of the aqeeqah ceremony of the daughter of Sarah Khan and Falak Shabbir, the most popular couple in the showbiz industry who became the parents of the little fairy, went viral on social media.

Yesterday, Sara Khan and Falak Shabbir held an aqeeqah ceremony for their daughter Aliana, whose pictures are going viral on social media.

Famous Pakistani actress Sara Khan’s husband and singer Falak Shabbir explained the meaning of his daughter’s name ‘Alyana’.

On Instagram, Falak Shabbir shared a photo of his daughter holding Aliana’s hand in which he informed the fans about the meaning of his daughter’s name.

Alyana’s name is an Arabic word that means noble, high-ranking and of lineage. —Photos courtesy Social Media.

The caption on the photo shared by Falak states that Betty Aliana’s name is an Arabic word meaning noble, high-ranking and of lineage.

Remember that even before this, various photos and videos of daughter Alyana have been shared by Sarah Falak.

Sara Khan chose a beautiful skin color dress in her daughter’s aqeeqah while Falak wore a white dress.

The theme of the aqeeqah ceremony was ‘Pink’ which was decorated with pink flowers.

Showbiz stars also attended the event and spent four months.

Imran Ashraf, Nada Yasir, Shaista Lodhi and other stars attended the function.

Falak Shabbir, without breaking the tradition, also gave flowers to Sara Khan to express her love for her in the aqeeqah ceremony.

It should be noted that Sara Khan and Falak Shabbir have recently given birth to a daughter, which was reported by the singer through social media.

In his social media message, Falak Shabbir congratulated the fans on the new moon of Rabi-ul-Awal and wrote, “Today, on the occasion of this blessed day, Allah Almighty has blessed us with His mercy.”

The singer thanked Allah Almighty on this happy occasion and said that he has named his daughter ‘Alyana Falak’.

He also thanked his fans for their fans for such wonderful support and love.



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