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Life Story Of Ayesha Jahanzeb Will Inspire You

Ayesha Jahanzeb, whose fame in the past was due to host the program Khabarnaak, but in recent days, the reason for her fame is being attributed to a picture of her washing her husband’s feet. In this regard, he was well received by some quarters, while some women criticized him.

But just as there are two sides to every issue, there are also two sides to this picture that we would like to tell you about today – Ayesha Jahanzeb’s first husband whose name was Jahanzeb died in his youth due to lung cancer. During his illness, Ayesha Jahanzeb served him in every possible way, but unfortunately his life was not faithful to him.

After which Ayesha decided to get married for the second time. The picture of Ayesha washing her husband’s feet on social is actually of Ayesha’s second husband who not only adopted Ayesha but also gave her father’s love to the children born to her first husband. ۔ In this regard, Ayesha says that no man adopts another man’s children, but Harris not only adopted these children, but at the same time gave them so much love that they forgot the lack of a father.

After that, Ayesha also had two children with Harris, but still Harris, ie Ayesha’s first priority, remained her first three children. Ayesha also said that before marrying Harris, she lived the hardest life as a widow – her youngest daughter was only two years old at the time, living alone with so many young children and being ridiculed by people. It was a very difficult time to bear.

Then, after Harris’s marriage, a new phase of her life began. Referring to her second husband, she said that her husband told her that her name should be Ayesha Jahanzeb and he did not mind, but he wanted her to adopt Ayesha in the same way as she did. They are-

Normally every man wants to give his wife his name but this action of Harris is an example. In this regard Ayesha says that Harris was his friend before marriage and now even after becoming husband. They did not end the friendship, which is why they accepted Ayesha with her husband’s first name.

Referring to the viral photo on social media, Ayesha said that this photo is of Neelum Valley. He said that when he felt thirsty at that time, he asked Harris for water. His car with water in it was far away. But her husband went barefoot at that moment and brought water to Ayesha.

After drinking water, when Ayesha saw her husband’s feet covered with mud and pebbles, she felt very bad that her husband had suffered so much because of her thirst. She washed her husband’s feet in the water – but she was unaware that her husband had captured these moments in the form of a photo. When the photo went viral on social media, people commented on it.

But in this regard, Ayesha said that after listening to this whole story, people should decide for themselves whether the greatness of their husbands is not enough for them to wash their feet. Adopting with three children, he not only supported but also placed a hand of compassion on the children’s heads and did not even shout his name.

Ayesha Jahanzeb-Family-Age-Husband-Kids-Wedding-Salary-Wiki-Bio-Hellomanhoos

Ayesha said that is why she is proud to wash her husband’s feet and considers it her responsibility to serve him, do his work and even press his feet before going to bed.

After reading this story, you can decide for yourself whether Ayesha’s action is correct or not.



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