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Luxurious houses and cars, how much are Lata’s assets worth?

After the death of Lata, the question in many minds is who is the real heir of her property?

Legendary Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar is no more in this world but her everlasting career has been filled with numerous honors and awards and she has also earned millions from her successful career.

After Lata’s death, the question in many minds is who is the real heir of their property but first it is important to know what is the value of Lata’s property?

What is the value of total assets?

According to Indian media, Lata’s lifetime accumulated capital, ie her assets, is valued at Rs 360 crore and some reports put the value at Rs 108 to 115 crore.

Lata’s name is home and how many cars?

Lata’s luxurious home in the Indian city of Mumbai, named after Prabhu Kunj Bhavan, also has luxury cars like Chevrolet, Chrysler and Buick.

According to Indian media, Lata Mangeshkar also had a large collection of cars. She bought a Chevrolet early in her career. She also had a Buick, Chrysler and Mercedes in her garage.

What was Lata’s monthly income?

According to an Indian media report, Lata Mangeshkar’s monthly income was around Rs 4 million which she used to get in the form of song reality.

Who will be the real heir of crores of property?

Since Lata did not get married, her last rites were performed by her brother Hardinath Mangisher. However, no confirmation has come to light in this regard.



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