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Mahnoor Baloch Fascinating Clicks In Saree

Mahnoor Baloch was married in 16 years: Bushra Ansari۔Showbiz industry senior actress Bushra Ansari has revealed that Khobro actress Mahnoor Baloch was married at the age of 16.

While participating in a show, the host asked Bushra Ansari about Mahnoor Baloch. Bushra Ansari Replying, he said that he gets very angry when people associate his age with beauty and talk about the age of actress Mahnoor Baloch.

Bushra Ansari said that people who talk about the age of Mahnoor Baloch He is very angry about it, he is not so old but people have made it ‘happened’.

Bushra Ansari revealed that Mahnoor Baloch was married at the age of 16 so she became a grandmother quickly.

He said that Mahnoor Baloch is very sweet and not old at all.

Beautiful Pakistani actress Mahnoor Baloch celebrated her 51th birthday this year.

Mahnoor Baloch was born in Balochistan on July 14, 1970. She started her showbiz career as a model in 1993 and soon appeared in dramas due to her beauty.

Mahnoor Baloch stepped into the world of modeling at the age of just 23. She gained worldwide fame for her acting and good looks.

She is still looks hot and attractive at the age of 51. Still doing modeling and also popular in spectators.



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