Monday, December 25, 2023

Malik Riaz’s Daughter Makes Disparaging Remarks About Son Zoraiz Malik’s Wife Alyzeh Gabol

Alyzeh Gabol and Zoraiz Malik’s controversial story seems to move to a blind end. A few months back speculations were making rounds on social media that they both have parted their ways and are not in a living relationship anymore. Alyzeh Gabol a few months back announced her marriage and didn’t disclose the recognition of her husband. Soon after their nikkah, it was disclosed that she has married Zoraiz Malik.

Their relationship was never welcomed by Zoraiz Malik’s family. Then after some time, Aasia Ameer shared a video showing her son singing divorce papers. She further added that it is to bring in to you all notice that Zoraiz had ended his relationship with Alyzeh so these rumors now should come to an end. Watch the video by clicking on the link below.

#Exclusive: Billionaire owner of Citi Housing, Major (R) Amer Malik signs his son Zoraiz Malik’s divorce papers with #AlyzehGabol as a witness.

Malik Riaz’s daughter Aasia Amer had shared videos on Instagram confirming her son’s divorce. #CitiHousing #ZoraizMalik #MalikRiaz

In ICC T20 world cup the couple is again spotted together in Dubai stadium that again stirring the buzz on social media. Aasia Ameer this time also has come up with more abusive and shocking claims. She shares a picture of both Alyzeh Gabol and Zoraiz, ironically asking her son to make marry because he’s with a girl who has slept with everyone. She openly called her bad girl. She didn’t stop here and further added that on instigating her son Zoraiz run away with a huge amount of 20 crores.

A beautiful photo of Zoraiz Malik with Malik Riaz and his first wife and cousin.

She is of the view that women like Alyzeh should be banned morally. Alizeh is more interested in their wealth, says Aasia Ameer. A lot of rumors concerning the disowning Zoraiz by Malik’s family are also making rounds on social media. It does like this controversy is getting more intense and has no end. It is also been speculating that the said couple is living in Dubai even after being divorced.

Take a look at the picture of some of the messages shared by Zoraiz Malik’s mother Aasia Ameer

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