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Mathira First Time Sharing Most Demanding Photos On Social Media

Actress and model Mathira says that a woman should not work for her husband because she is not his maid. It is believed that he said this during a program on a private TV channel. “If a relationship is based on abuse, that relationship will never succeed and will never break because the relationship is being saved only by one side,” Mathira said.

According to details, Mathira gave an exclusive interview to a private TV channel in which she discussed other topics including her career and marital life. “If a man hits you once, he will hit you again, he will never stop hitting you because it will become his habit and such a man will never,” he said, referring to domestic violence. Can’t get well. ‘

Speaking openly about his failed marriage, Mathira said, “When I got married, I was so brave that I decided that I would contribute ten times more than a normal housewife in household chores.” “I should not have done that because I was not a maid, the husband can do his own thing, the wife is not his maid,” he said.

Actress and host Mathira shared a story after commenting on actress Sadaf Kanwal’s statement about her husband, telling women to treat their husbands like kings with love.

According to media reports, Mathira shared a question message while sharing the story on social media platform Instagram. Will honor the queen.

The host also gave social media users the option to choose between right and wrong under the message of her story. But he forgets to treat his queen the same way.

Actress and TV host Mathira says that it is foolish to talk about equality between men and women, both can never be equal, because what men have, women do not have.

Speaking on ‘To Be Honest’, Mathira said that meeting a man and a woman makes one a complete human being and it is wrong to talk about equality between the two or to give more importance to one gender.

Mathira said she had no acquaintances in Pakistan and started the program on a small TV channel but was “disrespected” by the caller on TV and she became famous for it. ۔

According to the TV host, she did not have much understanding of Pakistani society in the beginning and as soon as she arrived in Pakistan from the African country of Zimbabwe, she wore short dresses and even wore a bold dress in a TV yoga program. Got it

In response to a question, Mathira said that he was born and raised in Zimbabwe and his father is a good and famous politician of Zimbabwe.

She said that when her father and mother got divorced, she came to Pakistan with her father and after coming here she learned a little Punjabi language including Urdu and in the beginning she did not have much understanding of Pakistani society.

According to Mathira, she wore short dresses in Zimbabwe, so in the early days she also wore short dresses in Pakistan, but then she realized that Pakistani society has different needs.

She said that she first fell in love at the age of 16 but she would not call it love but mistake, because it is an age in which a person makes mistakes to learn things.

She also talked about her 5-year marriage and said that she is now raising her son after divorce and she wants her son to get a good education.

Talking about Pakistani society, Mathira said that people here call ‘sex’ wrong but they also do it.

The actress gained fame when she was insulted during the program. Photo: Instagram

In response to another question, he said that his favorite politician in Pakistan was Benazir Bhutto while he thought that the best government was that of Pervez Musharraf and the other was that of Asif Ali Zardari.

She said that he liked Bilawal Bhutto Zardari the most among the recent politicians and he was sure that his time would come.

Mathira jokingly said that if she had a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan, she would ask him if we should panic now.

In the 40-minute Durrani program, Mathira said that she was determined to avoid criticism and bad people, and that anyone harassing her on social media would block her.

Instead of reacting harshly to being criticized by the audience and calling the actress obscene, she said that she did not care about anyone’s criticism.



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