Monday, December 25, 2023

Maya Khan Share Reason Behind Divorce

Maya Khan is an actress and famous host of Pakistan. She has hosted special Ramazan transmissions and morning shows as well.

In an interview with Shaista Lodhi, she talked about her divorce and how she suffered after it.

Maya Ali said, “People say that women in showbiz can’t run their marriage but they can’t see the other side of the picture? The girls who are sitting at home get divorced too.”

“We are on the screen and yes we are criticized for getting divorced but it is our learning that this criticism must not affect us.”

She talked about the reason for her divorce and said, “I don’t blame anyone. Why would I blame anyone else? It was my choices.”

Host and actress Maya Khan is also known in the industry as Dabangg Khan … who faced many difficulties and controversies … but was it all that easy? … a few months ago a social During the media interview, Maya Khan opened her heart and put it in front of everyone.

When asked who I hold responsible for the failure of my marriage … myself or this person … Maya was the first to say that I should not play the game of accusation … whatever It was my own choice, but whenever it happened in my life, it was my choice.

A question was asked to them that people think that working women whether on screen or in offices … they are so engrossed in their work whether they will spend time at home, whether they will have children. In response to this question, Maya suddenly took out the dust of her heart. She said that if the same women were asked by their husbands why they left TV. Go … and if her husband tells her how much is your contract and if her husband asks her for five million in the first month of marriage … Said …

Maya Khan believes that whether we are on screen, be it Sahir Lodhi, Shaista or anyone … when we used to ask our guest how is your married life going, didn’t we try? To improve your marital life … and people make mistakes too … put your hand on your heart and ask if you have ever made a wrong choice … or made a mistake …

Maya Khan also said that there are no divorces for the girls who serve their husbands at home day and night, endure all kinds of situations but they also often have to go through this pain then why target only those on screen. Make .

Will Maya Khan think of building a house again … In response to this question, she said that I have learned from my experience and life and if I find a good companion in life, then it is fine, otherwise I am satisfied with her.

When Maya Khan hosted a show of raids in the park during her hosting on Samaa TV, more than half of the world stood up against her. But now I have forgiven him. One of them has been a big name in the morning show. At that time he tried to play the role of me. After posting the video, he said that these women themselves dance with non-men. The brothers were counting their last breaths … they said that I forgave them all from the bottom of my heart because it is necessary for me … and today i am happy because there is no evil in my heart for anyone …



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