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Minal Khan Lost 10 Kg Weight After Honeymoon Return

Actress Minal Khan informed about post-partum plan to lose weight after becoming a mother.

The actress said that she has started following this diet plan to lose weight in which she will be able to feel significant weight loss without affecting her daughter’s health. He added that this diet plan is perfect for all women who are breastfeeding their children and can adopt it without affecting their health.

Leading actress of Pakistani drama industry Minal Khan has shared one of her favorite selfies with her fans on social media and said that she loves to take selfies with her sister actress Aiman Khan.

Actress Minal Khan has shared a beautiful selfie with her twin sister Ayman on her verified Instagram account. In this selfie, both the sisters are seen wearing masks and holding roses in their hands.

In the comments box of Minal Khan’s post, love has also been expressed by actress Ayman Khan. Actress Manal Khan looks very active on social media and often shares her photos and videos with her family and friends.

Manal Khan’s fiance model and actor Ahsan Mohsin Akram, who got engaged on International Valentine’s Day last month, shared a video of them swimming together and people are advising the actress to learn manners from her sister.

Minal Khan’s fiance Ahsan Akram shared a short video of himself swimming with the actress on Instagram a day ago, which was objected to by many and termed the move against the traditions of Pakistani society.

After the video was shared by Ahsan Akram, it went viral on social media and many people criticized both of them.

Minal Khan did not share the video on his social media accounts, but people criticized the actress for sharing the video with Mohsin Akram.

People termed the two swimming together and sharing the video as against the social norms and shouted at both of them. However, most of the people criticized Manal Khan more than Mohsin Akram.

Commenting on the video, people reminded Manal Khan that his sister Aiman Khan, despite being married, does not share such videos with her husband and she has been sharing such videos before marriage.

People advised Manal Khan to learn some manners from his sister Aiman Khan.

Some people advised Mohsin Akram and Minal Khan that if they are both in such a hurry then why don’t they get married?

Some people even supported him on his video and told him that people don’t like his videos and they can’t stand his happiness, so think about the behavior of such people before sharing such videos. Take it

Mohsin Akram blocked the comments of the video after people criticized him inappropriately. However, people criticized him after downloading his video and uploading it on other pages.

It is believed that the two were engaged on the occasion of International Love Day on February 14 last month, the two have been in a relationship for some time.



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