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Minna Tariq spending quality time with husband Imran Sheikh on vacations

Minna Tariq is a Pakistani actress known for her roles in Ruswai and Benaam. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Film, TV, and Music from London. Her mother, Rubina Ashraf is also a famous TV actress.

Minna Tariq is considered as one of the emerging actresses in Pakistan. She seems to be busy working hard these days and she wants to win the hearts of her fans with her acting. There is no doubt about it, acting runs in Minna’s blood and you may not know this, she is the daughter of Pakistan’s versatile actress Rubina Ashraf.

If the age of Pakistan’s new actress Minna Tariq is mentioned in the year 2022, then she has turned 26 years old. And she started her married life by marrying Imran Sheikh at the beginning of 2022. Her husband is not from showbiz, he is a businessman and he does his job. Her pictures of her vacationing with her husband often go viral on social media.

Minna Tariq started her acting career with the ARY digital drama serial Ruswai in which she starred opposite actress Sana Javed. Apart from being an actress, Minna is also a good model and is often seen in photoshoots with Pakistani clothing brands. In a few years, the number of followers on Instagram of this actress has crossed almost millions and it is increasing day by day.

But in today’s article, we will see that Pakistani actress Minna Tariq has shared new photos with her husband Imran Sheikh on Instagram. In the viral pictures, it can be seen that she is wearing a very short dress and looking happy. As soon as these pictures started being shared on social media, people started saying that she is a Pakistani actress who has forgotten her limits.

If you also want to see photos of Pakistani senior actress Rubina Ashraf’s daughter, Minna Tariq, with her husband Imran Sheikh, then check out below.

Do you guys also think that wearing skimpy clothes leads to fame and more chances of acting in TV dramas or movies? What do you guys think about this? Let us know your opinion. Thanks!

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