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Muhammad Asif Remarkable Photos With Wife

The marriage ceremony was simply held in Lahore on Monday night. Muhammad Asif has a marriage of choice with Sana, which later became the will of both the families.

Muhammad Asif’s marriage ceremony was attended by close relatives of both the families while no cricketer was able to attend. Muhammad Asif also kept the media away from the event.

Leading Pakistani film and TV actress Veena Malik revealed in a press conference before his marrige that Muhammad Asif had recently offered her marriage. Veena Malik said that on February 14, on Valentine’s Day, Muhammad Asif “stood on his knees and offered me marriage, which I turned down, saying I could not marry him.” Veena Malik said that she wished Muhammad Asif well on his marriage.

Veena Malik said that Muhammad Asif is her good friend and according to her she refused the marriage because she is busy in her show business.

Muhammad Asif’s wedding ceremony was held at a venue set up in a private residential scheme in Lahore.
Apart from Muhammad Asif’s family, members of the national cricket team Muhammad Hafeez, Kamran Akmal, Omar Kamal, Misbah-ul-Haq and Salman Butt also attended the function. Muhammad Asif’s wife Sana Hilal is from Karachi and he was married to Asif some time ago.

After being temporarily suspended by the ICC, it was decided to leave in consultation with both the families as Muhammad Asif was not expected to return to cricket immediately. Sana Hilal’s family also reached Lahore at Valima ceremony. Muhammad Asif’s farewell ceremony was held in Lahore.



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